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ALiEM PV Card – Head CT Rules Trauma – To get the head CT, or not to get the head CT… That is the question! Multiple sources (Canada and New Orleans) have come up with risk stratification tools.

ALiEM PV Card – Pediatric Head Trauma – Hey kids! Every millisevert of radiation comes with a free lollipop! When should you, and when shouldn’t you get a head CT in pediatric patients? This PV card gives us some clinical risk stratification rules to help answer that question.

ALiEM PV Card – Suture Materials – Sooooooo…… There’s more than one kind of suture? This PV card outlines different types of suture and their optimal uses. – CanadiEM’s high yield overview of pediatric trauma — full to the brim with nuggets of knowledge. Complete with podcast, as well as key-points in review.