See here for Tox resources!

ALiEM PV Card – Acetaminophen Toxicity – Finally, a nomogram that actually MEANS something! 🙂 This PV card lays down the basics of tylenol/APAP toxicity.

ALiEM PV Card – Salicylate Toxicity v2 – This PV card discusses the basics of salycilate toxicity. Unfortunately the ASA nomogram is not as useful as it’s APAP counterpart.

ALiEM PV Card – Toxidromes and Vital Signs – ALiEM’s overview of toxidromes, approached from the perspective of vital signs. – SketchyMedicine gives us this excellent diagram demonstrating five of the most common toxidromes. However, keep in mind many patients may have ingested multiple substances so it is not always so clear. Additionally, some substances like marijuana may fit a different toxidrome pattern (e.g. snack-seeking behavior) but may also present as excited delirium. Keep this in mind! This is a GREAT resource, but clinically not every patient will be so simple. Again, SketchyMedicine for the win. How to differentiate Serotonin Syndrome (SS) from Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome (NMS)? Keep this in mind…