Here you will find articles and resources on procedural tips and tricks! – This one you will have to translate from German. But in short — for intubated patients in whom you cannot place an OG tube (e.g. trauma patients with zero neck who are in c-spine precautions) because the OG curls in the mouth, consider using an ETT to “rail” the OG tube posteriorly and into the esophagus. Brilliant! – Pearls and nuggets regarding Lumbar Puncture and Laceration Repair (including Epi max dosing!). But WAIT, there’s MORE! Call now and receive pediatric resus tips! (Note: My only response to this blog post, is that judicious fluids in pediatric DKA due to risk of cerebral edema is not supported by the literature, this is probably not a risk we have to worry about). – Wow! Check out this comprehensive overview of HEENT procedures including lac repairs, nasal fractures, PTA drainage, scalp lacs, mandibular/jaw dislocation, auricular lacerations and bolster placement, ear/nose foreign body removal, lateral canthotomy, nasal septal hematoma drainage, AND MORE! Probably too long to go over the whole article if teaching on shift — consider reviewing 1-2 procedures and saving others for later.