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ALiEM PV Card – Metacarpal Fractures – This PV card gives us a basic overview of how to approach metacarpal fractures.

ALiEM PV Card – Open Fractures Antibiotics – What are the different classifications of open fractures, and what antibiotics are needed for those fractures? This PV card lays down that groundwork.

ALiEM PV Card – Ottawa Rules – Oh, Canada, and your love of radiology rules. This PV card summarizes the Ottawa Rules for Knee, Ankle, and Foot radiography.

https://www.aliem.com/2016/diagnosing-the-central-slip-injury/ – This ALiEM post serves up some steaming hot knowledge on how to approach central slip injuries. Don’t miss this diagnosis!

http://lifeinthefastlane.com/broken-open/ – High yield case reviewing basics of open extremity fractures.