See here for Ob/Gyn resources!

http://lifeinthefastlane.com/obgynobfuscation001/ – Fascinating LITFL case touching on a postpartum patient with coagulopathy.

http://lifeinthefastlane.com/ccc/pre-eclampsia-and-eclampsia/ – Brief overview of the “nuggets” of preecalmpsia and ecclampsia. Just remember the one true cure for this spectrum of conditions… Deliver.

http://lifeinthefastlane.com/ccc/physiology-of-pregnancy/ – An interesting overview of normal changes in physiology during pregnancy.

http://emergencymedicinecases.com/uterine-inversion/ – Wow. Reviewing a step-by-step approach to management of an unstable uterine inversion, which you may encounter as an EM provider in a rural setting.

See also: Dr. Jon Stellar, MD’s website www.flame.rocks for more high yield Ob/Gyn resources! Thanks for the rockin’ information, Stellar!