Neurology and Psychology

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ALiEM PV Card – Dermatome Myotome – So your patient has extremity numbness… Is it from Hyperventilation Syndrome, requiring reassurance, or is it a significant structural problem like a brain mass or cord lesion? Understanding basic dermatomal distributions can help you answer that question.

ALiEM PV Card – Seizure First Time – Welcome to the first-time-seizure club! Here’s what you need to know.

ALiEM PV Card – Seizure Status Epilepticus – Boy oh boy… Most seizures resolve spontaneously, and every once in a while you gotta push a benzo… But wait, what am I supposed to do when that doesn’t work. Think about it. Then enjoy munching on this morsel of knowledge!

ALiEM PV Card – Stroke Scale NIH – At many institutions, Neuro is at bedside for the code strokes. But what about community or rural hospitals? It may be your decision whether or not to push tPA… And that decision may depend on the severity of symptoms (and the NIHSS). Learn it bro! – What’s all this talk about post-LP headaches? What causes them, how to treat, and how to prevent them! – SketchyMedicine brings us this outline of EtOH vs Benzo w/d. How often is it that your depressed +SI patient in the ED is also a daily EtOH user and also on benzos? Uh, pretty much every day. Keep this in mind. Acute EtOH w/d with delirium tremens is an acute medical diagnosis which may require ICU, and NOT psychiatric admission for delusions and SI. See also: CIWA protocol, a nursing protocol for treatment of EtOH w/d.