Here you will find other miscellaneous resources which did not fit into one of the academic blocks, but are still super relevant for Emergency Medical Education!

ALiEM PV Card – Hypothermia Accidental – Hot nuggets on basic classifications of, and how to approach, hypothermia. Here’s a nugget — although you get hypoK+ when hypothermic, you generally do not need to supplement K+ as this is usually due to shifts.

ALiEM PV Card – Rashes – Some times when you’re exhausted at 3:34am it can be difficult to think of how to classify rashes. This PV card gives a good overview of rash classifications (and some ddx!).

ALiEM PV Card – Red Eye – Red eyes can be caused by a number of things (and I’m not talking bout the red eye flight, or the red eye coffee drink here), some more emergent and some more benign. This PV card lays down the groundwork and gives us a good ddx.

http://www.nuemblog.com/blog/the-comatose-patient – A thorough overview of the academic approach to ALOC. My (Hicks’) approach usually starts with “what can I fix first” and then goes down the line. Think: 1) ABC’s, 2) vital signs, 3) general and pupil exam, 4) neuro exam, followed by 5) EKG and fingerstick glucose.

http://coreem.net/journal-reviews/ninds-tpa-in-ischemic-stroke/ – Dr. Anand Swaminathan reviews/summarizes the NINDS trial. Of particular interest in this article are the statistical analysis  and evidence based medicine techniques including NNT, NNH, fragility index. High yield EBM!