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ALiEM PV Card – Brugada – Just like your pokemon — you gotta catch em all! Don’t miss it this arrhythmia. This PV card gives you a basic approach to Brugada.

ALiEM PV Card – ECG Early Repol vs STEMI – He’s only 32! He can’t be having a STEMI… Right? This PV card gives you a basic approach to differentiating BER from STEMI.

ALiEM PV Card – Sgarbossa Criteria – How can you tell if the ST segment changes are from acute ischemia or from the underlying LBBB? This PV card gives you the down and dirty on interpreting ischemic ST changes in the setting of a LBBB. – This LITFL collection houses ONE HUNDRED high yield EKG’s for your pimping pleasure. Booya! Thank you, LITFL. – An interesting discussion on treatment of symptomatic bradycardia refractory to atropine. This particular source discusses isoproterenol, but also covers the other indicated treatments. – This blog post discusses an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest with ROSC, but reflects on the rule and use of coronary angiography in this patient population. Keep this in mind next time you get ROSC! – Dr. Anand Swaminathan’s overview of AAA, management, and differential!